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Open civic space

Creation and Collaboration for Impact

Based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we work with local civil society organisations while providing technical support
to create and implement innovative approaches to protecting civic space.


Building knowledge base

We conduct research to inform the development and implementation of innovative solutions to civic challenges;
and advocate for policies that promote greater equity and social justice.

Digi-gender Inclusion Lab

Digital and Gender Inclusion

Bingwa Civic Tech Lab organises programs through labs to meet the needs of the community through technological innovation, Considering that young women and marginalised communities face serious barriers
when it comes to getting into the field of digital emerging technologies.

Our Labs

Our Main Areas Intervations

Research and Advocacy

We build base knowledge to engage with policymakers and other stakeholders to advocate for policies and reglementation that come with the Human-Centered approach for gender equality and inclusion in emerging technologies.

Training and Education

Our capacity building activities equip young women and other marginalized groups with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively embark on the field of emerging technologies.

Digital & Gender Inclusion

Our Digital and Gender Inclusion lab is a space to co-create and and implement innovative and sustainable solutions that leverage emerging technologies to adress gender inequality and promote inclusion.


Co-creation & Collaboration for SDGs

The most pressing problems facing our society today call for innovative approaches to solving them. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) must be achieved by 2030. As this deadline approaches, it is clear that progress towards these goals is uneven across regions and countries. While some countries have made significant progress towards achieving the SDGs, others have lagged behind, and in some cases, certain situations (such as the Covid-19 pandemic, and other social inequalities linked to ICT access and affordability) have slowed progress towards the goals. It's possible that not all the SDGs will be fully achieved by 2030; that's why, as Bingwa Civic Tech Lab, we've aligned ourselves within the Decade of Action to accelerate progress towards achieving the SDGs by 2030. That's why we strive to promote the co-creation, collaboration and implementation of digital solutions to address the challenges facing the world and achieve the goals.

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